The 2048 Game took the internet in the United States by storm in an instant back in 2014. This mathematics and logical entertainment has brought everyone to devise ways to reach the end goal. For you to win the 2048 Game, all you have to do is to move and match blocks until you create the 2048 block on the 4×4 grid. Its simple gameplay made everyone hooked to being dedicated to achieving the main goal.

Before its greatness, it is also important for you to know the conception of the 2048 Game. Know more about it when you continue reading this article below! 

The history of the 2048 Game

In 2014, a 19-year-old Italian programmer, Gabriele Ciruli was inspired by the game Threes. The goal of this game is to match symbols to form a higher block of value. From there, he decided to create a free mobile game that has the same mechanics. The only difference is that the value of blocks follows the Fibonacci sequence. 

Ciruli finished the game in one weekend, and upon release, he did not expect it to have over 4 million views on the app store. The programmer has reached out to GitHub, an open source platform for developers, and helped him put out the game to the public. Since the concept of the game was not Ciruli’s original idea, he has decided to release the game for free without any in-app purchases. 

The success story of the 2048 Game

Over a week, the 2048 Game dominated the charts of the most downloaded page. So many people were interested in the game’s simple yet challenging premise. It came to a point where losing a game will only make you want to restart and beat your previous score. Because of this, the 2048 Game was able to beat the controversial Flappy Bird at number one.

2048 Game: Is it an addiction or benefit to you?

Most game critics have claimed that the 2048 game can be quite addicting but in a good way. The gameplay pushes your mind to think smartly about the moves you will make and prevent loss. With every loss, the player is able to think twice about their movements and learn from the mistakes they have made in the past. Upon achieving the 2048 goal, you have finally proven to yourself that you know how to think logically and effectively! Consequently, the game provides positive reinforcement to the player.

Download the 2048 Game now!

In the United States, the 2048 Game still remains on the most downloaded apps in the century. Do not miss out the fun by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store for both iOS and Android users, respectively.