In 2014, a lot of people in the United States were suddenly interested in moving blocks in the 2048 game. This is a game that makes you think about the different ways you need to do to reach the 2048 block. Aside from that, the 2048 Game involves mathematics since you need to match blocks and have their values add to something higher. If you want to learn more about the game, then you should continue reading this article.

What is the 2048 Game all about?

The 2048 Game is all about adding block values until you reach the titular value. To reach this, you need to move the blocks in different directions. 

The 2048 Game interface

As soon as you open the 2048 game, you will find a 4×4 grid board at the centre and a single 2 block within the area. Outside the board, you will find the game title in the upper left-hand corner. On its opposite side, there lie two rectangles that hold your current game score as well as your best score of all time. 

Below the game title, you will find the goal of the game, which is stated: ‘Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!’ On its right side, the New Game button is there for you to press if you want to restart your progress.

Inside the 4×4 grid of the 2048 Game

As was mentioned earlier, the main playing area of the 2048 Game is within the 4×4 grid located in the centre of the game interface. Here, you will find the following colour coded blocks:

  • 2 – Off-white colour
  • 4 – Beige colour
  • 8 – Light orange colour
  • 16 – Dark orange colour
  • 32 – Red-orange colour
  • 64 – Red colour
  • 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 – Tones of yellow
  • 4096 – Pink colour
  • 8192 – Hot pink colour
  • 16384 – A darker shade of red
  • 32768, 65536, 131072 – Tones of blue.

Based on this list, you can see that the numerical values follow a sequence. The result of a higher block comes from adding two blocks of the previous value. This goes on until you reach the highest block, which is 131072.

How to play the 2048 Game

Playing the 2048 Game is easy because all you have to do is move the blocks and match one another to form a higher value. In terms of movement, you will need to swipe a block’s direction from left, right, up or down. As you make a move, there will always be a new block that will spawn in the grid, and it always starts with the lowest block value.

What are the grounds for losing in the 2048 Game?

Another goal you should keep in mind while playing the 2048 Game is to always keep your board spacious. Leaving no space behind will instantly result in a loss and entirely erase your progress. 

What makes the 2048 Game hard?

While moving blocks sounds easy, there is a twist to the 2048 Game. Every time you move, there will always be a block that will randomly spawn in a vacant tile. This, in turn, will throw you off your groove since there is another block that stands between you and victory. 

If you mindlessly move blocks in any direction, then that is already a recipe for disaster. To find out the technique for a guaranteed win, continue reading the following section below.

2048 Game: Working your way to corners

Beating the 2048 Game will be one of your bragging rights because everyone knows that this game is hard to beat! With that said, here is a step by step guideline that will help you reach the 2048 block in no time:

  1. Start the 2048 Game by pressing its icon on your mobile device.
  2. When it opens, start a new game by pressing the New Game button. 
  3. Now that your grid is free from multiple blocks, it is time to swipe down to move the first 2 blocks at the bottom. Then, swipe left or right to direct that block to a corner.
  4. Once the 2 block is on a corner, there will be new blocks that have spawned in the grid. You need to bring them down where your first block is located. To do so, you must swipe down and match the blocks to increase the value of your original block.
  5. In case you have reached the 128th block or higher, you need to keep it exactly where it is. Avoid swiping upwards unless necessary because a new block can form where your original block used to be.
  6. Now that your original block is at its corner, swipe down, left or right to create the same value as your original block. Doing this repetitively will let you reach the 2048 block in no time.

Things to remember when playing the 2048 Game

While playing the 2048 Game, there are some things you need to remember. The following will help you prevent losing, and these can also aid you in achieving victory:

You can continue to play the 2048 Game after winning

The goal of this game is for you to reach the 2048 tile, but you have the option to continue! After reaching the 2048 tile, the game will give you two buttons as choices: Continue or End Game. Pressing the Continue button will bring you back to your current progression. Now, your goal is to create higher blocks and reach 4096, 8192 and more! 

Continuously losing is the recipe for having a game tilt

Sometimes, it is inevitable to lose in the 2048 Game, and it can even happen at a point where you are so close to winning. As a result, you might experience a bad beat and constantly blame yourself for making mistakes. When that happens, you can start a new game until you reach the goal. This can be a double-edged sword because it can motivate you to strive for your goals. At the same time, continuing to play after a bad beat can lead to experiencing a game tilt.

Game tilt happens when you let negative emotions take over you while playing. Consequently, this will make you lose focus and stop thinking rationally. Hence, you will lose again and again. To prevent this from happening, it is best to play the game when you are in a good mindset. What you can do to achieve this is to take a break from playing and do things that will cool you down. 

The 2048 Game is a competition with yourself

While the 2048 Game has a leaderboard, most of the focus is between your best and current score. This side by side comparison pushes you to do better and beat your best score. With this in mind, you will begin creating strategies that can improve your gameplay. At the same time, you also learn from your mistakes because you know what you should not do again.

Using strategies will help you with the 2048 Game

The 2048 Game pushes you to think logically and make sound decisions that will help you arrive at your goal. That is why you can come up with strategies that will make your way to victory faster and easier. On top of that, you can also share these strategies with other people so that they can also beat the game.

Why you should play the 2048 Game

A lot of people by now have asked you about your progress in the 2048 Game. If you still have not downloaded it yet, let this section of the article convince you why you should:

  1. It is a healthy break from work or study

Whenever you study or work, you tend to use your mobile phones and scroll through social media as entertainment. This can be unhealthy because the different forms of media online will only draw you in further and make you forget about your tasks. As a solution to this problem, you should play a round of 2048 Game instead. You can easily go back to work after finishing one game!

  1. The 2048 Game pushes you to think

Your brain gets the exercise it needs whenever you play the 2048 Game. This will keep your mind active and healthy as well because you are using multiple neurons to create winning strategies. 

  1. The 2048 Game is free

Above all, the best thing about the 2048 Game is that it is free! You do not have to pay for anything just to play. All you have to do is download the app from the App Store for iOS users or Google Play Store for Android Users.

Download the 2048 Game now, so you can start matching blocks and win the game! Share the word about the game with your friends in the United States and other countries, so you can all compare progress.