Effective strategies to help you win in the 2048 game

2048 is one of the best mobile phone games in the United States you can play during your past time. The goal of this game is for you to reach the titular value. To do so, you need to move the blocks and let the values increase as you move. 

Playing this game may sound easy, but it can be difficult. The challenge here is that you need to form the 2048 block without filling the entire screen with blocks! If you want to learn how to do that, below are effective strategies that will guide you:

  1. Understand how the board moves

The first thing you need to learn in the 2048 Game is the board movement. This will help you find a way to get to the 2048 block, especially if you are a beginner. Moreover, the movement of the 2048 Game board can be explained in the following bullets:

  • There will always be a starting block for every round, and you need to move this using different directions such as up, down, left and right.
  • Whenever you move a tile in any direction, a new one will spawn on the board.
  • You need to let the two 2-blocks meet so that they would add and produce a 4 block. This pattern goes on until you reach the 2048 block or higher.

Now that you know how the board moves, it is time to learn more strategies that will help you win the game.

  1. Use only two directions

To increase the value of your blocks, you need to move them, and you can do so by swiping up, down, left or right. The catch in this is that each move will pop out a new block on your screen. The only way to eliminate that is to add all the same blocks together. That is why you should keep your moves at a minimum or else your screen will be full of unmatching blocks in no time.

  1. Keep the largest value in one corner

Every time you land a value close to 2048, you need to keep that in one corner. This will help you create a domino effect that will make things easier for you later in the game. Aside from that, keeping the highest block in one corner will keep your screen clean from unmatching blocks. With this technique, it will take a long time for you to reach the game over.

  1. Only swipe downwards or horizontally

One way to keep your screen clean is to swipe downwards or horizontally. This will help you match blocks and help you get closer to 2048. Moreover, moving the blocks upwards can pop another block below your highest block. This, in turn, will make it harder for you to eliminate that block and reach game over in an instant. 

  1. Avoid chasing high-value tiles too much

While you build your way to reaching 2048, you can make high-value blocks all the while you have your largest. It would be tempting to add high-value tiles to make it easier to reach your goal. However, that is not the case because this will remove any flow or groover within the playing screen. In other words, chasing high-value tiles will only make you lose fast.

  1. Pace yourself while playing

In case you arrive at a scenario where there are too many tiles, it is best to pause and recuperate. Doing so will allow you to think and create a plan that will help you get back on track. Aside from that, taking a pause can prevent you from getting tilted and potentially sabotaging your game. 

  1. Stay organised

In a way, the 2048 Game teaches you how to be organised. Cleanliness is, after all, the key to winning the game; otherwise, your board would end up being full of unnecessary blocks that will prevent you from winning. With that said, you should strive on keeping your board clean.

  1. Plan ahead of the game

After playing a few rounds, you will get the hang of the gameplay. This kind of muscle memory will give you ideas about plans that will help you win. At the start of the game, a few moves will tell you what your current round would like. From there, you can already start thinking about moves that will help you save or sabotage your gameplay. Either way, it takes you to think ahead to come up with such a plan.

Additionally, planning will be effective whenever you reach a bottleneck in your gameplay. Seeing a board at almost maximum capacity will motivate you to devise new ways of saving your gameplay. With the right amount of effort and thinking, you can save your game no matter how bad the situation is on the board!

  1. Make moves where multiple tiles merge first

Sometimes, the board will have moments where multiple tiles can merge easily in just a few moves. When this happens to your gameplay, always prioritise working on that area first. By adding and moving similar tiles, you can already produce a high-ranking block in no time! 

Aside from that, this strategy is helpful whenever a new block appears on the corner next to your highest tile. In this case, you need to increase the value of the new corner block so that you can merge it with your current highest. While this may sound like a tedious job, it is the least you can do to save your gameplay.

  1. Using the snake chain formation

The snake chain formation is an effective strategy for the 2048 Game, especially when you aim to build high blocks such as 8192, 16384 and 32768. This technique requires you to make a chain of descending blocks on your board. To further understand this strategy, below is an example:

Your current highest block is 2048, and you do not have anything in your board that immediately follows after it. In this case, you should focus on creating the second block, which is the 1024 tile. Once you have created this block, you now move on to creating another block of 1024. In the end, your board would appear like a snake or a descending order of blocks. 

Using this technique will make it easier for you to reach even higher levels and let you earn a place on the leaderboards!

  1. Play the game with a calm mind

Emotions play a big role in whatever you do, and this also involves playing games. If you happen to be in a bad mood, you can get easily tilted whenever you make wrong decisions in the 2048 Game. As soon as you are tilted, everything will become harder for you to do, and losing will appear easier. This happens whenever you let your emotions take control of your rational thinking, which prevents you from thinking straight.

That is why you should always play with a calm mind. You need to have a blank slate so that you can easily create thought processes that will help you win. On top of that, having a clear mind will allow you to come up with solutions in case you encounter bottlenecks in your current round.

  1. Watch video tutorials about the 2048 Game

Watching how other people play is another strategy you can take if you want to win the 2048 Game! There are a lot of tutorial videos available on Youtube that will show you how other players win. Aside from that, you can also find solution videos that present techniques on how to save your board from losing. 

  1. Have a friendly competition with your friends

One way to improve your gameplay is by challenging your friends in a 2048 Game competition. This will test your skills in speed, logical thinking and damage control! On top of that, you can make the competition more interesting if you assign an award for whoever reaches the 2048 block first.

Afterwards, you and your friends can review your moves and give comments about how everyone can do better. Additionally, you can ask your friends if they have any tips that can help improve your gameplay!

  1. Stop playing and recuperate

Sometimes, continuously playing a game can be a contributing factor to your demise. Pushing yourself on achieving the goal can also be an obstacle for you. When that happens to you, the best thing you can do is to stop playing and take a rest. Surprisingly, playing for too long can also lead to burnout!

Try to use these strategies when you play 2048 Game. You can also combine multiple strategies to help you achieve your goal for the game. As you win in the 2048 game, see if you can be placed at the top ranking in the United States area! 

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